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Be a reference of the Internet !#

Your company or institution has:
  •   an identity to assert,
  •   people and skills to make known,
  •   products and services to promote,
  •   events to announce,
  •   a network of customers and partners to federate.
All things to document and link to be found easily by potential buyers or the general public.

We offer a range of services to maximize your Internet social networking capital:

we analyse your needs and design your Information System,

we implement the required software.

we produce Internet and paper catalogues (sales, libraries, specialized)...

Informatique de terrain
we propose telemetry / remote control applications using PIC32 microcontrollers and MESH radio network.

Destin-Informatique, serving you since 1982 !#

Founded in Montreal and active in Europe since 1990, Destin is designing and implementing Information Management Systems for institutions and private organizations.

We're listening (GMT+1):#

- Belgium: +32 475 77.62.11


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