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Sustainable Development & Internet of Things (IoT) :#

  • AKUINO.netOpen Hardware and Open Source Software for field based applications
  • ELSA, Open Source Software for batch production monitoring

Open-source software development for the Semantic Web#


  • VBH-Hody
    VBH-HODY Hardware Stores

    15 000 references published on Internet and paper
  • SDM inc. Services Documentaires Multimedia
    RVM: Répertoire des Vedettes Matières (University of Laval) Directory of Subjects Headings


  • Amazone

    Documentation Centre Catalogue, Belgium Women Archives, Other project specific databases


  • WindMusic

    Centre d'informations musicales du CDMC Haute Alsace Upper Alsace Music Information Centre

Health Institutions:#

  • WindMusic
    Belgium Poison Centre

    Toxicological databases, multilingual terminology management, call management forms, Industry relations management, statistics
  • Quebec Poison Centre
    Toxicological databases and phone calls management

Legal applications:#

  • INAMI / RIZIV (Institut national d'Assurance Maladie Invalidité)
    DocLeg is a legal database about Belgium Health System. Automated coordination of the texts for any date requested.


  • University of Montréal
    Cours autodidactique de Français écrit (CAFÉ Self-taught course of written french)
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